College Comedy Entertainment in Minnesota

March 3, 2016

I enjoy bringing a motivational presentation to corporate and civic groups.  It is also fun to bring comedy to colleges in Minnesota.  I find that the students need a break from the stress of homework and studies.

Laughter helps relieve stress, clear the mind and make one ready for more intense study and effort. It is a good break that lifts the spirits and encourages a student to get back at the goals set. I enjoy hearing the laughter that results from my appearances for college students.

It is also fun to bring an inspiring message to corporate awards events and staff development days.

However if you are looking for something very fun for your company party – please consider the clean comedy I present for parties and social hours.


Please take a moment and learn more about this fun presentation for holiday parites at:

It has been a busy year and I look forward to bringing some light-hearted humor and motivation to your group.





The Power of Testimonials in Marketingl

October 28, 2014

I like to share articles that will help your business grow. This article could be of value in helping you gain new customers.

As you reach out to potential customers and clients, consider the power of testimonials.

In your marketing, in website or brochures, you can describe what you will do for your prospect. You can talk about your product or service until your face is blue and that probably won’t help you.  Describing what your product or service is is an important start in marketing. It is good to clearly explain what you are offering the potential client, however you need to consider ways to demonstrate that you can back up your claims.  People hear exaggerated claims all the time and are cautious about making any purchase.

For example I can describe my show and this is explaining the features, but if I can show that the client can trust what I say by sharing a comment from a satisfied client then there is proof to back up my claim.

I might write; “I bring a fun motivational message to your Annual Banquet or Award and Staff Recognition Dinner. Your guests will enjoy it and be glad they came.”

This is clear and even makes the claim that the guests will be glad they attended.  Many people don’t care much for meetings and for those reluctant people, I offer something fun and different.  I came up with that idea of saying that they will be glad they came after having people say that to me many times over the years.  After the show, people would say that, and I realized that that was a benefit to any group that invites me to present the program.

So I have made a claim, but I then build trust with my potential client by offering a testimonial to help them see the quality of the program.  Here is a recent one that came after I did  a program for a Credit Union Annual Meeting.

“Norm is a talented entertainer for audiences of all ages. He engages the crowd and invites them to be part of the show. Norm was a huge hit at our 2014 Annual Meeting, and we look forward to having him back at future events.”

Brian Sherrick, President/CEO – Ideal Credit Union  (Formerly the Postal Credit Union)

His comments back up the claim I made that about the product I offer. I share the feature or description of what I do and then share the benefit of bringing in my presentation.

It is also important to have a credible source making the claim about you.  In the above example a CEO is a pretty reliable source and that helps reinforce the claim.

I hope this helps you to discover the power of testimonials as you market your business.  Remember, when you offer a quality product or service your business will grow.

More at:

(c) Norm Barnhart – Motivational Speaker in MN

College Comedy Guy

September 12, 2014
College FINAL SIDE 2 Purplev4

Comedy Entertainment for Colleges

Planning Holiday Parties in Minneapolis?

September 9, 2014

Oh boy it is that time of year again.  I am thankfully getting a call every other day for Corporate Holiday events.  One lady today said, she was getting it done early as last year she “learned the hard way.” Byu the time she started making calls for entertainment and meeting rooms, most were booked and her choice was limited.


Get on it and get it done.

#1 Pick a date.

#2 Rent the Meeting Room

#3 Book the entertainment.


If you want a good clean comedy show check out what I bring…

Make Your Next Event Magically Memorable

Norm’s lively and humorous, motivational presentation will capture attention and leave them wanting more.

“You were great! You were an excellent choice for our party.”
Marcia Strand – First Bank of Chaska

“You were the hit of our holiday party. I especially appreciated your quick wit and humor while interacting with our group. I highly recommend your services to highlight any special event.”
Curtis J. Nelson – Vice President – State Bank of Delano

“Norm the magician does a wonderful job. At least a 100 laughs during the show. I highly recommend him for any type of party.”
– Mark T. – Banquet Manager – Interlachen Country Club

Your group will enjoy this laugh filled entertainment for company parties and events.

Check it out at


Magician in MN Entertainment for Events


No Time Like The Present

August 11, 2014

Now is the time. This is the place. Some things just must be done now.

A person cannot do everything, yet some things cannot be put off. 

#1 Make that list. The day will pass with urgent things occupying the time, while major things get brushed off to another day.  Get all those goals on paper.

#2 Prioritize – Get those must do items done first and then keep plucking away at the list.

#3 Praise yourself – As you see the list is shorter, give yourself a attitude boost with a small celebration. In football, their is a cheer every time the ball is moved down the field, even if it is only 3 yards. Be glad you are moving toward the goal!


Get moving and be thankful for the energy and skills you have to accomplish each task.


This week I bring the motivational program to a corporate group and I am having fun tailoring it to their needs.  I also have 9 shows at a county fair this week so the other side of my business is racing along too.  It is fun to be busy, but the priorities must be discovered and accomplished. 



Go get em!

Trade Show Success

March 8, 2014

When you need to get your product or idea out in front of a large group of potential clients – trade shows are the perfect spot.

Onto the trade show floor in the arena come thousands of convention participants who are looking for new and innovative ideas and solutions.

But how can you stand out in this circus of noise and short attention spans? Many companies use flashy trade show booths and nice give away items to draw people in. This is very effective.

Some would contend that an even more effective way to reach people is with a short attention is to use the tool of magic. Magic taps into people’s curiosity and grabs their attention so the message can then be heard and understood.


Magic is inherently interesting, because it encourages curiosity. Curiosity brings out the best in people.   Because of the curiosity element a magician in a trade show booth can rivet people’s attention. The people don’t want to miss the trick. Then while they are paying close attention, the audience will be open to receive the message that is  presented.  A skilled magician can capture attention of the noisiest trade show audience and get them to focus on the concept or product being presented.


Please call and we can consult on how I can adapt magic to fit your corporate message, and draw people to your trade show exhibit.  – Trade show Magician


Magic for trade shows in MN. 

An attention grabbing performance of magic with a message can attract people to the booth and then explain your message with style and clarity.

Magic with a message is perfect for new product launches, brand recognition or sales motivation.

Service is the Key

October 17, 2013

It comes down to one thing. Customer service.


Products may seem similar, but the way a client feels is the top priority in the end. Businesses need to treat customers as friends. This simple thing sets one business apart from another.

A store or restaurant that offers a friendly hello when a customer comes in the door has started a relationship that could mean that customer comes back again and again.

We need to care about those we serve.  We need to offer them the best in quality merchandise or services and present it with a kind and courteous style.

We need to treat others as we would like to be treated.  Pretty basic, but difficult in this day of over stretched budgets and workloads.  All else does not matter if we cannot be kind and helpful.


Strive for excellence in service and the rest will work out.




Magic of Teamwork

March 28, 2012

I am enjoying a night in beautiful and windy St. Cloud. Tomorrow morning I do a keynote presentation for a business group.  I have been racing so much lately that I have been very behind in this blog business. January had 6 corporate events for me as well as several family shows.  I am thankful to be busy.


I was sad to see that the Ground Round Restaurant in St. Cloud, MN is now closed and up for sale.  It is the place where I got my first job as an entertainer over 30 years ago while in high school.  I had looked forward to enjoying dinner there tonight and was sad to find the doors closed.  I passed by the restaurant about 2 months ago and saw it was still open.

They had a long run and offered very good food, but even the best of them sometimes find it hard to stay in front.

Lessons: Never assume business will always be there. Work to keep old customers happy and draw new ones in.

Find ways to make your old customers you allies in the search for new customers.  maybe a special coupon for invite a friend to the restaurant and you both share an appetizer free.


Finding a new customer through advertising costs more than holding on to a existing customer.  Find ways to give excellent service to your existing customers so that they will rave about you to their friends.


I hope the Ground Round will come back with new ownership. But if the new restaurant has a new name I hope they do well too. They have an excellent building to work in.


Favorite memory of the Ground Round having a free lunch there after doing a show and my favorite waitress would always play her favorite song on the jukebox… The Eagles – Tequila Sunrise.  She was older than I – probably a college girl and I was 16, but now looking back she must have had some sadness as that is quite a song about lonelyness.

Appreciate your Employees

October 20, 2011

This seems obvious, but it is lacking in so many places today.

You have a good employee who is giving their best? Give them appreciation and respect.

My computer guy is the absolute best! He has worked with me since he started college a few years back. He is kind, conscientious, creative  and gives his best.  I want the best for him and I get the best from him.

He popped in today and helped me with a few projects. We listen to smooth jazz while he is here. I found a David Sanborn CD very cheap at a sale. Tonight when he left I gave it to him with a $20 inside. It was a small gesture but it was the least I could do.   I want to express my gratiutude for his excellence in service.

He took home a small token of my appreciation. He was listening to the disc when he left. I am sure he appreciates this as it was one of the finest contemporary Jazz CDs of the 1990’s – a 1994 release of Reed my Lips by Sandborn. I know that he likes a wide variety of music. I know he likes this. A gift that has just a little thought behind it can mean a lot.

He means a lot to me and I am sure he has a very successful career ahead of him.  He will not always work for me.  But I want him to remember me 15 years from now as a boss who appreciated his excellence and kindness.

It is good to reward and honor excellence, that will motivate the person to continue their excellence. In the short term for me and in the long term for his next employer and in the big scheme of things make this a better country.

I love my job!

November 19, 2010

I love bringing entertainment and a motivational message to various audiences and seeing the smiles. I love hearing the laughter from young and old alike. I love it when parents, teachers and librarians come up after the show and say, “I had as much fun as the kids.”

I love to entertain at corporate events and watch the adults jaws drop and laugh like they were in 3rd grade again.  Magic is fun and I love to bring fun to people and brighten their events. I have worked for many fortune 500 companies and many others that don’t make that list. I love to bring a smile to a holiday party, annual banquet or team building event.

It is also fun to entertain at various golf clubs for tournaments, as well as at fund raisers and black tie charity events.  It is fun to do magic and help a good cause. This past week I entertained for the kick off of the Gillette Childrens Hospital Fundraiser along with KDWB and Children’s cancer research Fund. I met some great families and had fun with the very fun KDWB DJ’s.

I love to travel and magic has taken me to all 50 states and to six other countries.  I have seen the wonderful beauty of our land and met many great people. I have entertained in beautiful locations such as parks and festivals and have also gotten far away from the bustling cities and entertained the wonderful people who live in Hopi, Navajo, Dakotah and other lands.

I have enjoyed performing in every major city and in most suburbs and many small towns as I zig-zagged across this country on school assembly tours for 13 years back in the 80’s and into the 90’s. I developed educational programs that grabbed kids attentions and motivated them to do their best in school.

Magic has taken me to entertain families at fun places such as Knott’s Camp Snoopy a dozen times and The Paul Bunyan Amusement Park for 11 summers. I’ve enjoyed performing at hundreds of fairs and festivals over the years.  I have entertained at many colleges, weddings, Bar Mitvahs , high school lock ins and family events. I even love to be the life of the party at birthday parties for young kids or kids of any age. This past summer I entertained a bubbly birthday celebration for a group of 14 -15 year old girls, I was also on a riverboat entertaining for a 50 year old woman’s birthday and I even did an 80 year old Doctor’s birthday party.

I have entertained with magic for the coaches of the Minnesota Vikings and U of M Golden Gophers. I have worked with cool musicians, popular radio DJs, and bands.  I have met and entertained the famous and the not so … it is all the same. Magic brings life to parties and events and I enjoy being around people who are celebrating.

It is exciting to take a new way to work every day, to see the world. It is fun to adapt and to bring the show into so many cool venues. The reaction is the same – people love to laugh and I love to instigate it. Please take a moment and learn more at