The Value of Meetings

There is a lot of concern with keeping budgets tight and one place many feel is necessary to cut back is with meetings.   The meetings and travel industry has had to prove its value in these tough times. In a recent article in Meetings Magazine, this was tackled head on.

Meetings can energize people and build team spirit. The importance of building relationships in a face to face manner have great value. Sheila Smith Le Corre is the Director of Business Development at Martin Bastian and she said that, “People have a basic need to interact. For companies this means bringing people together  to hear about plans, measure progress, network with colleagues or customers, share best practices and recognize superior achievements.”  She also explained that  these interactions cannot be replaced by a conference call or vitual meeting.

It is good for the company and the customers to have an inspired workforce and a meeting can motivate staff and help accomplish this.

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One benefit that comes from this downturn in the economy is that consumers can get some great deals and meeting planners can get some very attractive packages for their events.

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