March is Full of Surprises in Minesota

Time to think about Growing your Business

Today was a excellent and lovely day. We had all the windows open and there were warm breezes gliding through our home. I got the screen windows up, cleaned garage a bit started tomatoes, cucumbers, daisies and habanero hot peppers inside. Our home becomes a greenhouse in March and the plants are fun to watch it all grow.  It’s magic! We can not wait to get them into the garden in May.

I enjoyed hearing a U. of M. Professor on the radio last week and he said that March in Minnesota is a wild month. High temperatures have been as high as 80 and the lows have been as brisk as 35 below zero! So we are in for more snow and rain and etc in March, but that is Minnesota… there is never a dull moment.

March in Minnesota is sort of like a wild comedy magic show, you expect the unexpected! I like to surprise people with my presentations that include a bit of humor, comedy and even some mysterious magic of the mind. My goal is to grab attention and get people motivated to serve each other and their clients. Topics include humor in the workplace and the magic of teamwork. It is spring and time to motivate your staff to stretch and grow in their skills and grow your business.

I like to make laughs and spread smiles with my motivational keynote presentation. This weekend included a very fun event for me. It was a Girl Scout and Boy Scout Career fair in Oakdale. It was nice to meet and encourage the enthusiastic scouts to stretch their horizons and do their best.

Other presenters included the DNR, The White Bear Lake Country Inn Manager talking with students about management and a pilot talking about what it takes to get up and into the sky!  officer Brian from the Oakdale Police Dept. encouraged the scouts to learn about a carreer in law enforcement.

I bring my motivational message to corporate meetings and special events. Check it out at

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