Humor in the Workplace – Energizing Meetings

Meetings are Energized with Humor

Every good speaker has a few jokes or stories up the sleeve. This is a dynamic way to capture and hold attention. We can also illustrate a point with the humorous story illustrating a point. A good laugh wakes up our minds and draws us into what the speaker is saying. A little bit of humor can brighten a meeting and get the group in good spirits to go back to their tasks.

Clinical Psychologist, Steven M. Sultanoff, Ph.D. states that, “in working environments where humor is supported there develops a culture that utilizes the humor to reduce stress and provide perspective. Learning to laugh at ourselves and our work lightens the load.”

Humor is a major asset to your work life and your career. It is something to get serious about. Now take action and find ways to look at the bright side and spread this to others. A cheerful heart is good medicine.  Find ways to increase your ability to look at things with humor and good cheer and share it with others.

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