Humor in the Workplace – Building and Developing Relationships

Humor: a Key to Building Relationships

Staff development is vital to every organization. This team effort is essential for keeping a workplace running efficiently. Humor helps to facilitate this positive environment. We can encourage our co-workers by making a humor bulletin board. This Humor Board is a place where people can post their ideas, cartoons and jokes. The obvious rule is to keep it clean and fun and avoid mean humor directed at groups.

You can add humor to an inner office memo or e-mail. This bit of wit can brighten someone’s day and this is a great way to encourage and uplift co-workers.  People will look forward to hearing from you and may be more open to what you have to say.

A bit of humor helps take the seriousness of work and place it in a lighter perspective. Many people find that they become more connected with those who can bring them a smile.

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