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Step Back, then Step Out

September 23, 2010

It is important to be happy and enjoy what we do. Naturally, there will be down days and frustrations, but overall a happy positive spirit will help us to do what we do in our best way.

I came across an article that included the following thought provoking quote.

“I contend that the key to professional happiness is asking yourself two simple questions every single day: Are you passionate about what you do? And if not, what are you going to do instead?”
– Bill Murphy Jr. – the author of The Intelligent Entrepreneur ($27.50,

This key to happiness is something worth considering. Having passion about what we do is very important. We can also find passion in what we do away from the workplace. But finding happiness at work results from a deep desire to solve problems and help others.

I am going to look for ways today to re ignite my passion for what I do and why I do it.