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The Power of Testimonials in Marketingl

October 28, 2014

I like to share articles that will help your business grow. This article could be of value in helping you gain new customers.

As you reach out to potential customers and clients, consider the power of testimonials.

In your marketing, in website or brochures, you can describe what you will do for your prospect. You can talk about your product or service until your face is blue and that probably won’t help you.  Describing what your product or service is is an important start in marketing. It is good to clearly explain what you are offering the potential client, however you need to consider ways to demonstrate that you can back up your claims.  People hear exaggerated claims all the time and are cautious about making any purchase.

For example I can describe my show and this is explaining the features, but if I can show that the client can trust what I say by sharing a comment from a satisfied client then there is proof to back up my claim.

I might write; “I bring a fun motivational message to your Annual Banquet or Award and Staff Recognition Dinner. Your guests will enjoy it and be glad they came.”

This is clear and even makes the claim that the guests will be glad they attended.  Many people don’t care much for meetings and for those reluctant people, I offer something fun and different.  I came up with that idea of saying that they will be glad they came after having people say that to me many times over the years.  After the show, people would say that, and I realized that that was a benefit to any group that invites me to present the program.

So I have made a claim, but I then build trust with my potential client by offering a testimonial to help them see the quality of the program.  Here is a recent one that came after I did  a program for a Credit Union Annual Meeting.

“Norm is a talented entertainer for audiences of all ages. He engages the crowd and invites them to be part of the show. Norm was a huge hit at our 2014 Annual Meeting, and we look forward to having him back at future events.”

Brian Sherrick, President/CEO – Ideal Credit Union  (Formerly the Postal Credit Union)

His comments back up the claim I made that about the product I offer. I share the feature or description of what I do and then share the benefit of bringing in my presentation.

It is also important to have a credible source making the claim about you.  In the above example a CEO is a pretty reliable source and that helps reinforce the claim.

I hope this helps you to discover the power of testimonials as you market your business.  Remember, when you offer a quality product or service your business will grow.

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