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Trade Show Success

March 8, 2014

When you need to get your product or idea out in front of a large group of potential clients – trade shows are the perfect spot.

Onto the trade show floor in the arena come thousands of convention participants who are looking for new and innovative ideas and solutions.

But how can you stand out in this circus of noise and short attention spans? Many companies use flashy trade show booths and nice give away items to draw people in. This is very effective.

Some would contend that an even more effective way to reach people is with a short attention is to use the tool of magic. Magic taps into people’s curiosity and grabs their attention so the message can then be heard and understood.


Magic is inherently interesting, because it encourages curiosity. Curiosity brings out the best in people.   Because of the curiosity element a magician in a trade show booth can rivet people’s attention. The people don’t want to miss the trick. Then while they are paying close attention, the audience will be open to receive the message that is  presented.  A skilled magician can capture attention of the noisiest trade show audience and get them to focus on the concept or product being presented.


Please call and we can consult on how I can adapt magic to fit your corporate message, and draw people to your trade show exhibit.  – Trade show Magician


Magic for trade shows in MN. 

An attention grabbing performance of magic with a message can attract people to the booth and then explain your message with style and clarity.

Magic with a message is perfect for new product launches, brand recognition or sales motivation.