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Randall Munson – Creative Corporate Keynote Speaker by Norm Barnhart

March 16, 2010

Keynote Spweaker Randall Munson

Randall Munson’s creative approach has made him a unique and sought after presenter in the business world.  His main work derives from his corporate motivational speaking that has taken him around the world.  Randall covers topics such as humor in the workplace and leads seminars on techniques for improving teamwork or management skills.

Randall’s presentations for corporate groups are inspirational, as he presents practical business techniques derived from his years of work in management at I.B.M. – the computer innovator.  His warm and humorous speaking style has made him a favorite in the Fortune 500.  He is in the Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame.

Randall has been the double-header presenter with such international figures as former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner as well as with the Prime Minister of Israel, and Nobel Laureate, Shimon Peres. Not surprisingly, Randall has garnered more than 80 Gold Medals in the International Speaker Olympics, an IBM Award for Excellence, and is listed in the Who’s Who of Professional Speaking. He is the first person to be honored as a Distinguished Speaker and he has been named a Certified Speaking Professional, this is an elite group of less than 7% of the professional speakers in the world. He has been selected as one of “The World’s Greatest Business Mentors.”

Randall’s messages stem from his business experience as an IBM Program Manager and an IBM Executive Advocate, who for 20 years led IBM research and development projects with management, architecture, education, and marketing responsibilities. He also held an executive position for 5 years in the Target Corporation. He is former Vice President of Administration at Crossroads College and member of the Board of Directors of Hope International University. He is the founder and president of Creatively Speaking®.

Randall shares his insights as an author or co-author of eleven books including the best seller Create the Business Breakthrough You Want. He has published numerous articles and a monthly column in an international technology magazine. His acclaimed electronic magazine, Business Magic, is read monthly by thousands of decision makers in all 50 states and more than 70 countries around the world who want to experience the magic of Randall’s creative insights, ideas and inspirations for themselves and their businesses.

Check him out at:

Excellence in Service

February 15, 2010

In today’s competitive economy some times the only difference between products is the customer service. Two stores may sell the exact same thing, but the customer’s perceptiopn of how they were treated will make a huge difference in their loyalty to that store.  In other services, from lawyers and real estate, to auto repair or tire sales the products or services may be similar or seem similar to the customer so there needs to be that extra thing that makes you stand out.

Excellence in service can be the thing that brings the customer into your business again and again.  Car shops can encourage their staff to give a friendly smile or even take some extra time to explain the problem with the vehicle.

Here is a short Customer Service Checklist.

Answer the Phone. It is surprising how many people deliberately do not pick up the phone at their business and let it roll over to a taped message and then use that message to screen the caller for some general purpose.

Return calls in a timely manner. This is a powerful way to demonstrate your efficiency and the concern you have for the customer. If you take too long to get back it reflects on your desire to serve and help a customer.

Smile – This is a simple but very effective customer service tool. It is also just a way to extent kindness and friendship.

Explain things patiently and kindly.  Make things clear. Whether you are explaining benefits or features of your product, it is easy to sometimes slip into jargon or temenology that is not clear to others. Avoid this and ask questions to make sure it is clear to the client.

Don’t sell – help them to buy.  Be a consultant in your selling approach.

We want out customers to become raving fans who will tell others aobut the great service and quality of our product or service.

How do we benefit from customers who are raving fans.  Word of mouth is a very powerful way to generate more business. Positive word of mouth is a hard thing to generate, but it begins by exceeding the customer’s expectations and showering them with excellent service.

Encourage and motivate your staff to go for the gold with the motivational speech on Service and Teamwork.  Salute the excellent service your staff gives with the motivational presentation at -or

Minnesota Motivational Speaker

January 25, 2010

Salute your staff with a dynamic presentation that leaves them laughing and thinking. Norm presents a motivational keynote that many corporate and civic groups have enjoyed. Topics covered include keeping a positive mental attitude, creativity and problem solving, humor in the workplace, and teamwork.

Norm also speaks on finding the joy in customer service for staff development and team building.

Many civic groups and volunteer organizations have invited Norm to salute their team at award banquets and other special recognition events. It is a fun way to motivate and encourage. Learn more at:

Last year, Norm made 4 appearances for a hearing aid developer. He enjoyed traveling and speaking to groups in Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Orlando, LF and Minneapolis, MN. He also recently appeared for a sales and marketing staff of a Minnesota plastics manufacturer.  He loves to entertain as he educates with his comedy and eye catching illusions.