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10 Business Success Secrets – Part 1

April 5, 2010

By Norm Barnhart

Your mind is a big factor in your success in business. How you think can have a huge impact on this success.  Check out the following areas and see if there are ways to look at things differently or ways you can improve your results through creative solutions.

What is your purpose for being in business? Many think that the purpose I to make some money. But if profit is the only goal the long term results can be very poor. You goal needs to be creatively getting and keeping customers. Excellence in service can keep customers and bring more in through referrals. Brian Tracy a business researcher, author and trainer says that, “Fully 50 percent of your time, efforts, and expenses should be focused on creating and keeping customers in some way.”  The benefit to your business long term comes from finding ways to innovate in the way you serve and help people.

The way to measure your success is with customer satisfaction. Your ability to really satisfy your customer’s needs and wants is very important. If you can give them more than they expect and really shine with service, they will tell their friends and come back again and again. This is the key to your businesses growth and long term success.  Oh yes, and here is where your profits come in. Everyone wins.

The Value of Value

If we can add value to the customer’s experience they will see the value and return. Be on the lookout for creative ways to add value to what you do.
The Most Valuable Resource to you – The Customer!
It is said, “the Customer is King!” This royal treatment of your honored customers is job one.  Some customers can be difficult or challenging, demanding or disloyal. But we need them to maintain our businesses so we need to creatively look for ways that and our excellence in service can turn around difficult situations. Our main goal should be to creatively find ways to keep customers in a positive place where they are excited about doing business with us.

The Magic Word
The word is Contribution! Brian Tracy says that, “In life, work, and business, you will always be rewarded in direct proportion to the value of your contribution to others, as they see it.”  What can you contribute to the community, customer or to others within your own business.  Make yourself a valuable part of every field by what you contribute. In a meeting when you contribute creative ideas, you will find that you are looked to for solutions and this makes you valuable to that group.

New Year’s Eve Appearance at Dellwood Hills Golf Club

February 16, 2010

Dellwood Hills Golf Club knows how to put on a wonderful New Year’s Event.  They are known for their excellent food this evening was no exception as they offered wonderfully prepared, fine food from oysters to the prime rib.  Salads, fruit and sauces were also fantastic. Dellwood Hills club also has a very friendly and attentive staff and wonderful décor in their lovely banquet rooms.

If you are planning a special event this is a great place to consider. The views out the banquet room are fabulous and the staff strive for excellence. Many business groups have meetings here and your group will be pleased if you choose Dellwood Hills.

This New Year’s Eve party had a live band providing jazz and pop music.  Cool music is great entertainment for corporate parties.

During the social hour they had a comedy strolling magician interacting with the guests – hey that’s me!  The guests were very receptive to the playful comedy entertainment that magic offers. It is fun for me as an artist to see the faces light up as they react to the amazing tricks such as pens vanishing and pennies disappearing and then growing in size.  It is fun to see them laugh and have their jaws drop by my magic dust routine or the borrowed dollar that becomes a $20.

I really enjoy bringing smiles and laughter to groups and this is my 3rd appearance at Dellwood Hills over the past few years, twice for New Year’s Eve events and once for another member’s event.  I was also invited to entertain the Dellwood Staff with my stage comedy and magic show at their annual staff party held at North Oaks Country Club.  Come to think of it, North Oaks has also used my entertainment many times for their member’s family and adult parties.

I love to bring laughs and that extra Pizzazz to special events.  How can I be of service to you and your group?  I present a very fun motivational program that draws people in and impacts them with the message of service and teamwork.  I enjoy tailoring my skills to make your event fun and memorable. Check it out at

Excellence in Service

February 15, 2010

In today’s competitive economy some times the only difference between products is the customer service. Two stores may sell the exact same thing, but the customer’s perceptiopn of how they were treated will make a huge difference in their loyalty to that store.  In other services, from lawyers and real estate, to auto repair or tire sales the products or services may be similar or seem similar to the customer so there needs to be that extra thing that makes you stand out.

Excellence in service can be the thing that brings the customer into your business again and again.  Car shops can encourage their staff to give a friendly smile or even take some extra time to explain the problem with the vehicle.

Here is a short Customer Service Checklist.

Answer the Phone. It is surprising how many people deliberately do not pick up the phone at their business and let it roll over to a taped message and then use that message to screen the caller for some general purpose.

Return calls in a timely manner. This is a powerful way to demonstrate your efficiency and the concern you have for the customer. If you take too long to get back it reflects on your desire to serve and help a customer.

Smile – This is a simple but very effective customer service tool. It is also just a way to extent kindness and friendship.

Explain things patiently and kindly.  Make things clear. Whether you are explaining benefits or features of your product, it is easy to sometimes slip into jargon or temenology that is not clear to others. Avoid this and ask questions to make sure it is clear to the client.

Don’t sell – help them to buy.  Be a consultant in your selling approach.

We want out customers to become raving fans who will tell others aobut the great service and quality of our product or service.

How do we benefit from customers who are raving fans.  Word of mouth is a very powerful way to generate more business. Positive word of mouth is a hard thing to generate, but it begins by exceeding the customer’s expectations and showering them with excellent service.

Encourage and motivate your staff to go for the gold with the motivational speech on Service and Teamwork.  Salute the excellent service your staff gives with the motivational presentation at -or

Magical Keys to a Successful Trade Show By Norm Barnhart

February 1, 2010

You and your business may be considering a display at a Trade Show. This information is geared to help you have success at this special event.

A trade show is a wonderful place of opportunity for you.  From the moment the doors open, opportunity is knocking for your business.  The guests are there to get ideas and learn about new products or services.  Most people who come to a trade show are in need of a service like yours, they just might not know it yet.  This is the best place to meet new and motivated customers. This is your opportunity to share how your product or service can best help them. This face to face meeting can have better results than web or print advertisement because they get to know you and get a real feel for what doing business with you would be like.

The following are a few keys that will help make your product or service shine. These keys can lead to great results for you and your business.

Key #1: Make a great first impression. It is said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A positive first impression should be your initial goal. From the way you design your booth to the friendly courteous attitude of your staff.  The magic of quality and service should shimmer from you and your team. You should be seen as friendly, supportive,  a good listener and one who strives for excellence. This is as important as your skill and product knowledge.

Consider what Susan A. Friedmann, CSP, and known as The Tradeshow Coach, from Lake Placid, NY says, “Beginning well means you’re half done. Once you’ve established a rapport with the client, once that positive foundation has been laid, the hard work of negotiating a deal and closing a sale becomes so much easier.”

Key #2 Give them your Undivided Attention.  You only have a few moments to convey that you and your business would be advantageous to the client.  This can be demonstrated in the way you greet and talk with the potential client. The trade show environment is one of excitement, noise and distractions.

When you give full and direct attention to each individual who comes into your area, you can help keep them from being distracted. You also demonstrate how important they are to you and show the way you give good customer service. In this way you can  show how you are interested in their needs and wants. They can tell that you have an active interest in helping them solve heir problems or satisfy their needs.

A trade show will open many doors to new opportunities to meet and impress new customers.  You will also meet businesses in which you can make alliances and partner with. Even a friendly connection with a competitor can result in opportunity. This business may have a over booking and have to send some work to your business or have a very huge client that will need you both to team up and help. Make many connections and keep in touch with them.    More tips to follow in this column.

Minnesota Motivational Speaker

January 25, 2010

Salute your staff with a dynamic presentation that leaves them laughing and thinking. Norm presents a motivational keynote that many corporate and civic groups have enjoyed. Topics covered include keeping a positive mental attitude, creativity and problem solving, humor in the workplace, and teamwork.

Norm also speaks on finding the joy in customer service for staff development and team building.

Many civic groups and volunteer organizations have invited Norm to salute their team at award banquets and other special recognition events. It is a fun way to motivate and encourage. Learn more at:

Last year, Norm made 4 appearances for a hearing aid developer. He enjoyed traveling and speaking to groups in Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Orlando, LF and Minneapolis, MN. He also recently appeared for a sales and marketing staff of a Minnesota plastics manufacturer.  He loves to entertain as he educates with his comedy and eye catching illusions.