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Seven Ways That Humor in the Workplace is Valuable By Norm Barnhart

May 5, 2010

Life in the workplace is full of challenges, pressures, demands and change. A dose of humor is good medicine and helps us to deal with stress. Effective leaders and employees can benefit from laughter as it encourages team building, creative problem solving and can set a positive work atmosphere.

7 Ways That Humor in the Workplace is Valuable

1 Humor Creates a Positive Atmosphere. People get more done when they are happy and feeling positive. We laugh with our friends and a friendly environment can be a healthy and more productive environment.

2. Humor is the Ultimate  Stress Reducer. OK, Humor may be the second best stress reliever next to some drug, but the side effects of humor are more beneficial to the work environment. There is potential for stress in every workplace.  It can build and eat away at productivity. A little levity can help reduce stress in difficult situations. Humor can bring people together and this can help refocus energy to the task at hand.

3. Humor Builds the Team. Humor is an asset in the workplace because it encourages communication, builds relationships and helps people get along. It helps generate a positive work environment and builds the team. Add a short joke or cartoon to an inner office memo or e-mail. People will look forward to hearing from you.

4. Humor helps us in Creative Problem Solving. Humor helps bring a mindset of creativity because humor comes from looking at things in different ways. The more we practice using our sense of humor the more our mind expands and looks at the possibilities in front of us.

5. Humor Creates a Positive work environment. A cheerful place to work is a place where people are feeling positive and supported. It lifts Spirits and Attitudes.  If a person makes a mistake we can try to look at the humorous side and get over it quicker. Getting past mistakes and into forgiveness is important to give to others when they make an error. This atmosphere of kindness is very valuable when we are the one who makes a mistake. An attitude of grace comes from looking at problems and misunderstandings in a humorous way.  Someday we’ll look back on this and it will be funny.

6. Humor helps us keep a positive perspective on Life and Work. When we look at the bright side of things our attitude is more positive.

7. Humor Encourages Communication.  Laughter helps people get closer and to connect and bond. When we laugh together we find common ground and this builds a positive work environment.