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More tips for a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

January 29, 2010

Here are a few more tips for a successful trade show exhibit.

Key #3 Ask questions. Get them talking about themselves and their ideas.  This shows your sincere interest in them and this is the basic foundation of the relationship.

Price and other objections melt away when someone feels a connection with you.  They feel they can trust you and your team to deliver the high quality and service that you offer.  This cannot be an act. You should be in business because you like people and you love to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Let that shine through. Show your concern and desire to make their business the best it can be.

The desire to give quality service needs to be more than a sales trick, it must continue right through to the last detail of your dealings with them. When you have delivered your product or service and they are highly satisfied, then you will succeed. Let your excellence and expertise shine from the first impression and you are off to a great start.  Continue on to a great finish and this will lead to more opportunities as your client raves to others about your excellence.  It’s not about the sale, it is about the satisfaction.

Key #4 Make it Fun: A trade show is like a carnival or a county fair. It is a fun and exciting place to be. There is music, food, friends, and fun all under one roof. Let the fun radiate in your attitude, business is serious business, yet it is for to be of service to clients and help them achieve their goals.  Be yourself. Be fun, playful, interested, considerate and full of great ideas on how your product or service can make them a success. Are they clients? Yes. Are they friends who you enjoy helping? YES, YES!

People can tell if you don’t really want to be at the trade show booth. Non-verbal communication plays a huge role in creating good impressions. Attendees are aware of what is going on. They are observing your body language. It if conveys that you don’t want to be at the show, or are too busy, tired and not very interested in engaging with attendees, or it looks like you are just going through the motions, they’ll pick up on that and go elsewhere.

Key #5 Demonstrate Product Knowledge: Show that you know what you are talking about, don’t just rattle off statistics. You have asked a few questions and then show how your product or service would be a good match for what they are planning. Have a firm confidence in your skill and ability to deliver. Yet the main ingredient that is more important than knowledge is – building a relationship.