The Serious Business of Humor in the Workplace. By Norm Barnhart

Life in the workplace is full of pressures, demands and change. With all these challenges bombarding us at work is it really important to take humor seriously? When we consider the positive effects of a positive attitude and the way humor helps us adapt, yes, Humor is a serious part of business.

A study done in 1985 by Robert Haft International discovered that just 15% of workers were let go because they lacked competence in their skills. The majority were fired because they were unable to get along with other employees.

They dug deeper and they asked H.R. and senior management to check off choice attributes they look for in an employee and one of the main ones was humor.

Humor is an asset in the workplace because it encourages communication, builds relationships and helps people get along. It helps generate a positive work environment and builds the team. Humor can also be key in helping people to get past mistakes and misunderstandings.

Humor is a uplifting addition to meetings. A little humor is helpful in making a meeting become energized and it encourages attendance.

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